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If you like Classic American Cars, even if you just like looking, then you are in the right place and welcome.

If you don’t then you are not!

We are not dealers. We are passionate collectors and have owned a number of such fine and interesting cars (for that we really mean ‘COOL’) for many years. You are very welcome to look through our website, we hope you like what you see. Quite often our enthusiasm exceeds the storage space that we have available and recently we have only managed the space available whilst some cars are in the workshops of selected specialists, either being improved or serviced.

Our collection often becomes a little too big, so then we are forced to make some room! It  is always difficult to choose what cars to part with, as we chose each one because we liked it, not to resell it. Therefore we may have a car or two FOR SALE. We will never sell a car knowing that it requires attention in any area and although pre -1960 cars do not require an MOT we are happy to have the car MOT’d before we let it go.

If you do see a car that is for sale and you are seriously interested please make an appointment to view it. We will not accept offers over the ‘phone, by text or email, without a viewing. 

We are private individuals with a passion for Classic American Cars, and it is our intention that when we do part company with one of our cars, that we sell to like minded individuals.


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