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Chevrolet Bel Air Hard Top 1957

This beauty recently won a 'Best of Show' award, how cool is that?

Well, we all have our own opinion but this is probably one of the most iconic American Automobiles, ever. Of the Tri-Chevy (’55-’56-’57) era, the ’57 Hard Top is the  one. Probably. Fantastic styling from the Bill Mitchell era of GM design.

This one is a Resto-mod, so purists bail out now. We love Resto-mod. Why?  You have the classic lines of the era with all the benefits of the following:-

LT1 Corvette Fuel Injected 5.7 litre V8. So it goes.

AOD Auto (4 speed overdrive). So it cruises smoothly without reving its nuts off.

Bullet power steering with rack and pinion. So it steers.

Hallogen headlights. So you can see when you drive in the dark.

Power front disc brakes. So it stops.

Griffin aluminium radiator. So it stays cool, when it goes and when it stops.

Tubular a arms with adjustable front shocks. So you can adjust the ride to suit.

Dual Flowmaster Exhaust. So it sounds fantastic when it goes and stops!

Finished in Alfa Red with black leather custom interior with power seats, custom door panels, tinted power windows, classic white face gauges, billet tilt steering column and custom steering wheel. Stereo system (who cares?) Vintage air conditioning and it has even got a new clock that tells the time. Incredible.

Finally, it has a Continental kit with matching spare tyre, and body coloured sun visor and fender skirts and of course white wall tyres, so that ticks all the boxes!

We think this car is more awesome than a very awesome thing that is very very awesome!

Collected this from Southampton Docks on a dry day, but the car was absolutely filthy! The drive back was great but the dirt did not stop all the attention it got and thumbs up gestures from other drivers. At the services people were crowding around to take photos!

Now cleaned, polished, serviced and cherished!



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