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Continental MK IV ‘Luxury Group Edition’ 1975

Yes, it only has 2 doors!

Awarded 1st Place in Class at USA National Lincoln Meet, May 2022.

There is not a Lincoln Badge anywhere on this car! It was marketed as a ‘Continental’ the model a ‘Mk IV’. But, everyone knows them as a Lincoln.

The MK IV’s were produced by Fords ‘Lincoln – Mercury’ division from 1972-1976.

The MK IV was 4 inches longer and 200 lbs lighter than the MKIII. There were many model variations of the ‘Mark’ Lincoln’s, this one being a ‘Luxury Group Edition’ is quite rare. The very Black paint and Black ‘Normande Grain’ Vinyl roof with the Moonroof sets it apart.

Featuring the mighty 460ci V8 (7.5 litre) and Auto transmission this low mileage example is absolutely loaded with factory options. All the goodies that you can dream of – 6 way Power Seats, Cartier Timepiece Clock, Speed Control, Power everything, Auto Temp control Air Con, Cornering lights, Power Trunk release and much more. I did say Power everything!

The interior is the place to be. Upholstered in Dark Red Leather, with matching dash, carpets and headlining. Looking down that long bonnet when looking for somewhere to park is a blissful way to spend a morning! A truly iconic, Luxurious Automobile and so very different to the modern cars on sale today.

Thank God for that….

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