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Oldsmobile Toronado Caliente 1984

Ever seen one of these?

If you are thinking that American cars in the 80’s got somewhat ‘boxy’, you are right. Then, one like this comes along and it is very cool. This Toronado Caliente Edition raised the bar for Luxury and was hailed as a ‘Personal Luxury’ car. By the way for non Spanish speakers ‘Caliente’ translates to HOT!

Generally¬† the 80’s cars had a smoother ride, were very comfortable and had many useful features, this model in particular was overloaded with extras. An abundance of stainless steel, plush interior, full digital dash and an ‘Astro’ sun roof. Of course a big lazy V8, auto transmission and power everything came as standard.

Have whitewall tyres and spoke trims ever looked so good?

Only 2400 of this model were produced, so this low mileage example is quite rare . Finished in dark maple with matching Landau style vinyl roof and interior this special automobile goes as good as it looks. 

Desert road