Area 51

Buick Riviera 1967

A Beauty!

We are delighted that this fabulous ’67 Riviera is returning to Area 51. Many Classic American Cars have rolled in through our doors and out, onwards to the next lucky owner. This particular car is still one of the most beautiful to grace our ownership.

The story goes that Bob Mitchell, Head of Design at GM visited the Paris Motor show and he admired the styling of the E-Type Jaguar and the class of Rolls Royce. He called the GM design studio and said we should have a Luxury Sports Sedan. He was told the designers were working on just that (they weren’t, but they got started!) The design was a knockout, but Cadillac and Oldsmobile rejected it. Buick did not. Up till then the name ‘Riviera’ was a trim level for Buick, but now it became a model in its own right. The 1963 Riviera was born and Sir William Lyons of Jaguar said it was the best looking American car ever produced.

In the GM Range The ’67 Riviera was related to the Cadillac Eldorado and Oldsmobile Toronado, they were both front wheel drive and the ’67 Riv rear wheel drive with a limited slip differential.

 The model evolved and we think the ’67 is the Jewel in the Crown. A true Luxury Muscle car, with performance to match from the 430ci (7 litre) V8. When we first owned it we had the front drum brakes swapped out for discs and good old Malcolm rebuilt the V8. Not only does the car look beautiful with a slightly lower stance, custom paint work of Dark Bowling Green over Ice Mint, and fitted with after market wheels, it drives like a dream and sounds wonderful.   


Desert road