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Buick Riviera 1971

Best of Show Trophy Winner, Stars & Stripes, Tatton Park 2019

This ’71 Riviera ‘Boat-Tail’ can only be described as stunning.  Among many other trophies it was awarded ‘Concours d’ Elegance’ at Palo Alto, California, and now it is very much appreciated in the UK.

The first year of the third generation Riviera, penned by Jerry Hirshberg under the guidance of Bill Mitchell with the very distinctive rear styling inspired by the earlier Stingray Corvette Coupes.

This very low mileage example features the smooth 455ci V8, auto trans and Buick’s ‘Max Trac’ limited slip differential. The ’71 also had GM’s ‘Full-Flo’ ventilation system.

Production figures for ’71 totalled 33,810 and finding a nice one now is difficult, we searched for six years! We think that this one is the finest example we have ever seen. Our thanks go to our friend Ray in North Carolina who allowed us to buy it!

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