Area 51

Cadillac Fleetwood Limited Sedan 1998

Fit for a President.

Custom built by Superior Coaches in Lima Ohio, under contract with Cadillac. A specially selected Cadillac De Ville (the VIN numbers decipher to be an unfinished car when leaving the factory, destined for the coachbuilder), was stretched 6 inches in the rear passenger compartment and another 6 inches in the trunk area. If you do the arithmetic this model was a full 12 inches longer than the ’98 De Ville Sedan and measured 221.8 inches overall.

This superb example with only 10,830 miles recorded is one of 314 produced in 1998, with 467 produced the following year, so very few built and quite rare. The conversion added a hefty $6,630 to the list price, all for twelve inches!

Retaining the fabulous Northstar 32 valve V8 this is one smooth and spacious sedan, that glides in style.

This is a Luxury Limousine at its best, look at the room for rear seat passengers, it is a great place to be, whilst the trunk is large enough to take Tony Soprano, Christopher Moltisanti and Paulie Walnuts!

Desert road