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Chevrolet Impala 1960

A Trophy Winning '60 Impala Sports Coupe

 Check this out, a stunning  example of this rare ’60 Impala Sports Coupe. This has the 348 ci Triple Power V8 with a 4 speed on the floor. Quite rare and very collectible. Personally, I think the images say it all, it is in amazing condition and was featured in Classic American car magazine July 2017. Paul Bussey, the Photo Journalist said to me, ‘it is just like new’. That is the point, this is how it left the factory. The design team back then had no worries of mpg or emissions, just cool styling, smooth power and a spacious car. It is a full 6 seater and the trunk (OK boot..) is 906 litres!

The 348 is super smooth, at 25 mph in top gear this Impala will pull away without fuss.

Chevy did not coin the slogan ‘The Heartbeat of America’ without justification.



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