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Coast to Coast USA to Area 51 UK

Cadillac DTS Luxury II

As the images show, this beautiful low mileage example of the 2006 Cadillac DTS is like new. With a recorded mileage of just 26k in 18 years, the word ‘cosseted’ comes to mind, ‘amazing’ is another one.

This will be collected from Huntingdon Beach California and driven across country on a 2500+ miles road trip, for shipping from the East Coast. With the legendry and improved Northstar 32 valve V8, the drive will be a breeze.

The options featured are basically everything you can think of, and probably some you cannot. The list is long, including cooled seats for California and heated seats for the UK. This Caddy is probably more comfortable than an armchair, so why stay home?

Stay tuned for the road trip report, late April.


Desert road