Area 51


A Willys Jeep, actually!

I could not resist this! In WW2 my Dad served in the 1st Airborne. North Africa, The Italian Campaign and The Battle of Arnhem. (‘A Bridge Too Far’ stuff). He was injured and taken prisoner age 20 and ‘celebrated’ his 21st Birthday in Stalag 11B, Bad Grund Germany, before being liberated by the American Army.

He loved the Jeep, he told me stories of the ‘Yanks’ stripping them down and drag racing them in Africa! How he would drive his Lieutenant to Tobruk to get the soldiers wages and the Lieutenant would fall asleep in the passenger seat and my Dad would grab hold of his sleeve to save him from falling out! 

Millions of people gave their lives in WW2 for our freedom, we must cherish it.


Stay Calm and Drive American cars!

Desert road