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Pontiac Trans Am 1977

Sold! But still worth a mention.....

 If you have not seen Burt Reynolds in the film ‘SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT’ you must be an alien!

So, get the dvd and watch the film hundreds of times, we have!

Getting a good example of this model is not easy. They were prone to rot. We bought this car on trust from a specialist in the States as a ‘rust free’ restored example. Now that Paragon Northants have fitted a new floor, headlamp shells, new shock absorbers, torque converter cover, rewired and repaired instruments, and overhauled the brakes, it is now ‘rust free’ and very drivable. That is the thing with the Trans Am, it is a great car to drive. Compared to ’60’s cars the gearing is higher and the seats more comfortable. This model is more a long legged GT that sounds like a muscle car, than it is a muscle car. Mind you, when you watch the film you may think differently, the V8 pulls like a train and will smoke them tyres!

This example has had virtually everything replaced with new, far too much to list here.

 In Starlight black paint, with the Gold Eagle decals, new Year One Snowflake wheels and new tyres, new grille surround, new steering wheel, it looks as good as it goes, and it goes good!

‘Mr.Bandit, you are the best goddam pursuee that I have ever pursued!’

‘Thank you Sheriff’.

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1977 Pontiac Trans Am

Desert road