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Fiat 500L 1970 Twin Tone

Undeniably a True Classic, very cute and FOR SALE!

This wonderful little car brings many happy smiles to many people.

It is so cute. We have named her ‘Porcellina’ which is Italian (of course) for Little Piglet.

The ‘L’ in the model name is very important, it is Italian for ‘Lusso’ which translates to  ‘Luxury’, really. That means this model has fluted door cards, carpets and the sun roof. Wow!

This particular cutie pie has been extensively restored, an engine rebuild, new brakes, new shockers, new steering rack, new headlamps and rear lights and all tied up with new wiring. The finishing touches were the all new Twin Tone interior and Everflex roof.

At just under 10 feet long this is ideal for the shrinking car park spaces at your local supermarket. The specifications for this 499cc model quote a top speed of 59 mph, and a 0-60 time of 379.5 seconds, now obviously something is incorrect with this as 379.5 seconds is 6 minutes 19.5 seconds and with a top speed of 59 mph it is not going to make 60 mph anyway!

Mind you, in traffic at 20 mph it is as fast as the Ferrari in front and gets more approving looks and waves.

‘Smiles to the gallon’ never seemed so appropriate.

You can buy this for your wife, girlfriend or mistress and make one of them very happ!

£8,500 will be just enough. Please call Alan on 07785 250400

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These cars are so popular, when you turn up you are greeted with a bunch of herbs!

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